The eMentalist is the automated data scientist, which identifies opportunities and trends for your investments and your business before they become obvious.

The software uses the power of machine learning to extract knowledge from millions of structured and unstructured data.
By scanning your internal data (such as CRM, Sales, Revenue) and thousands of external sources (such as news channels, social media platforms, demographic, and economic databasis), it spots correlations and hidden signals.

It creates your big picture and defines patterns and processes from facts, trends and emotions circulating in your sector. In addition the eMentalist is powered by crowd intelligence to avoid biases.

The eMentalist brings you from a reactive management to a proactive decision making.

Your Added Value

Real time scalabale data extraction and analysis

Identification of hidden signals

Understanding correlations and causalities

Predicting future influential factors

High accuracy and independency from experts

Realization of your goals

Joined success

Stop following - start leading!

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